Apricus solar hot water installation manual

For any queries Apricus staff may be contacted on. Apricus Owner' s Operating & Maintenance Manual - Solar Ready Electric Hot Water Tanks. Attempt to install an Apricus solar hot water system without reading and understanding this installation manual. This temperature must not be altered. Apricus GK1620 / GK / GK2620 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS 1.

Owner' s Solar Hot Water Operating & Maintenance Manual. The technical and installation information for the Apricus solar. The Apricus GK1620/ GK/ GK2620 are factory set to deliver 70 for use as a solar booster application. Apricus Domestic Solar Hot Water Install Manual - For Electric Hot Water Tanks ( Solar- Ready) Download. Pump Station Technical Guide. INTRODUCTION The Apricus GK1620/ GK/ GK2620 is an external electronic gas hot water heater.

1 Foreword Congratulations on taking a major step towards reducing your total home energy usage and making a positive difference to the environment we live in. Installation guide for the Apricus Solar Ready Tanks. Solar Water Heaters Solar Hot Water Basics Solar Collection Solar Thermal Collectors Solar Hot Water Systems Solar Glossary Collector Sizing Guide Collector Installation Guide Solar Collector Efficiency Collector Output Calculator Solar Insolation Levels Product Warranty. 3 OVER PRESSURE AND TEMPERATURE PROTECTION 2.

Apricus solar hot water installation manual. 1 PTRV Any system design must allow a means of pressure release at no more than 850kPa, using a PTRV. Product Manual Downloads. Apricus Australia is a provider of premium solar hot water systems.
Solar Ready Tank Install Manual. Apricus Gas Booster Install and Operation Manual. Apricus Domestic Solar Hot Water Installation Manual. Apricus Solar Hot Water System - Technical Manual 82171pricusecicaaua20 1.

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