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Using is_ array prior to an in_ array within an if clause will safely escape a check against a variable that could potentially be a non- array when using in_ array. In PHP it is just an alias for the true function count( ). C) I agree with PixEye' s remarks on sizeof( ).

値の合計を整数または float として返します。 array が空の場合は 0 を返します。. It has other meanings logically in other languages rather than the number of elements in an object. 6: 空の配列の積が 1 を返すようになりました。 これまでのバージョンでは、 空の配列に対しては 0 を返していました。. バージョン 説明; 5. While PHP has well over three- score array functions, array_ rotate is strangely missing as of PHP 5. For instance: NOTE: A real use case might be that we have a list of possible flags which in a database we have stored whether each of the flags are 0 or 1.

The function here flatterns an entire array and was not the behaviour I expected from a function of this name. I expected the function to flattern every sub array so that all the values were aligned and it would return an array with the same dimensions as the imput array, but as per array_ values( ) adjusting the keys rater than removing them. Searching online offered several solutions, but the ones I found have defects such as inefficiently looping through the array or ignoring keys.
Php net manual ja function is array php. This should be avoided as it may confuse developers transitioning to PHP from other languages. Array_ reverse ( PHP 4, PHP 5, PHP 7) array_ reverse — 要素を逆順にした配列を返す

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